French + Tiffani's Elopement

Now that I’ve gotten my blog off to a great start, it’s time to jump right into my first couple. French + Tiffani were originally supposed to be models for me for my SWFL Content Day, before the world wreaked havoc. Fortunately, they were still down to shoot before everything went south. Tiffani was so excited because they had never gotten any wedding photos done, or any photos in general because they had a tiny celebration with their closest friends + family.

We went down to Third Street South, in Downtown Naples- and it was a blast. It was pretty empty, compared to how it usually is. But it made for some amazing moments that we captured. As we shot, I got to know them a little bit more and they’re both some awesome people. It didn’t take me long to notice the love and comfortability these two shared for one another, there was never an awkward moment between them, all smiles and all giggles. 

Meet French + Tiffani, these love birds exzooted love from the second I met them. My favorite thing about couples is when you can FEEL how comfortable and loving they are. Nothing is awkward, nothing was too staged, everything felt so natural. 

Tiffani + French got married after only two months of knowing each other. Sounds crazy, right?

These two met back in late 2018, when Tiffani was working a night shift at the gym, French happened to stop into that same gym, he didn’t exactly have a membership but Tiffani was nice enough to let him in without one! After a few days, Tiffani got a DM on instagram (literally the best dating app in 2020) from a cutie….it was French! They hung out that night the rest was history.

While talking to French about how they met, he recalls it as “little did I know I was going to meet my wife that night”. The two of them immediately hit it off, and fell in love from there. 

While chatting with the two of them, they definitely have the same mindset of how their marriage works, they both used very similar words to describe their love: Pure and strong. Being on the same page is a huge thing for relationships, if you’re not on the same page, how do you know if you two are even compatible in the first place? These two seem to have no problem with that, the trust, honesty and communication that they both talk about is such an amazing thing to have in a relationship. 

How they got hitched?

These two lovers went straight down to the court house in KY, invited some close friends and family, and got married on December 28th, 2018. They enjoyed Hibachi for dinner, smoked a good ole fashion 420 friend, and that was that. They would never have it any other way.